As we prepare to resume in-person services in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic, it is important to recognize that our church’s services/ministries will be temporarily conducted in a manner different than that which we are used to. In light of the current social distancing guidelines, this current plan will be in place until further notice to create the safest environment for our in-person worship services.  Please be aware, this plan may/will change depending on how social distancing guidelines are adjusted in the coming weeks. 

At the heart of this plan is the love of God and the love of neighbor (Mark 12:30-31).  We love God who has first loved us in Christ, and because of that, we desire to worship Him together as a church, in-person, just as His word instructs (Heb. 10:25).  As we love and worship our Lord together, we are also seeking to love our neighbor as ourselves. Because of that, we want to do whatever is necessary, even if inconvenient, in order to protect everyone, especially the most vulnerable among us during our services.  Those things being considered, what follows are the details of First Baptist Church of Paintsville’s COVID 19 Re-Entry Plan:

COVID19 Re-Entry Plan:

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·       Our return to in-person services will take place on Sunday morning, May 24th.

·       On Sunday the 24th, and until further notice, our in-person services will be limited to Sunday morning only.

·       We will resume our normal Sunday evening service, Sunday evening youth/children activities, and Wednesday evening prayer meetings at a later date.

·       Sunday evening service, and Wednesday evening bible study will continue to be conducted via Facebook at 6:30pm.

·       Beginning on Sunday, May 24th, we will be having two Sunday morning services.  This change will not be permanent, just temporary in light of present circumstances.

·       Both services will be completely identical.

·       Service times will be 9:00am and 11:00am.

·       Our 9:00am service is set apart for those in our congregation who are 60 years of age and older, or for anyone who might have a pre-existing medical condition that places them into an “at-risk” category per CDC COVID19 guidelines.

·       If you find yourself in the aforementioned categories, we ask that you please respect this service structure and attend the 9:00am service out of an abundance of caution.

·       Our 11:00am service is for those in our congregation who might be considered “lower-risk” per CDC guidelines.

·       As with the 9:00am service, we ask those who fall into the “low-risk” category to please respect this service structure and attend the 11:00am service out of an abundance of caution.

·       While not ideal, this two-service structure allows us to keep our worship service as safe as possible, especially for those who may be more vulnerable.

·       Before our first in-person service on the 24th, the entire sanctuary will be deep cleaned and all surfaces (pews, tables, door handles, restrooms, etc.) disinfected.

·       Immediately following the 9:00am service, our safety team will be conducting a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the sanctuary and surrounding area, including all door handles and surfaces.  This cleaning protocol will take place until 10:30am.

·       If you arrive at the church for the 11:00am service before 10:30am, we ask that you please remain in your vehicle until 10:30am to allow time for the safety team to finish their cleaning.

·       The sanctuary and surrounding areas will once again be cleaned and disinfected by members of the safety team after the 11:00am service in preparation for the following weekend’s services.

1.) Entry

·       Upon arriving to the church, a member of our safety team will lead you (and your family) to a specific door to enter. (This will be the door beside our “Mercy Box” to the immediate right of the sanctuary.)

·       Once inside, another member of our safety team will usher you into the sanctuary to help you find appropriate seating.

·       If you must wait at the door to be greeted by a safety team usher, we ask that you maintain the “loving distance” of six feet between those both in front of and behind you in line.

·       Please do not enter the sanctuary without a safety team member ushering you to appropriate seating.

·       Please do not enter the sanctuary through another entrance.  (All other doors will be locked.)

2.) Seating

·       Once in the sanctuary, our safety team ushers will be leading you and your family to appropriate and lovingly distanced seating.

·       Once seated, you will notice that there will be at least six feet between every family unit.  (Family units are permitted to sit together.)

·       Once seated, we respectfully ask that you remain in that pew.  Please do not switch seats with anyone.

·       Once seated, we ask that you do not walk around and “mingle” or shake hands with others.  A simple wave and smile will have to do for now.

3.) Exit

·       At the conclusion of the service, you will be asked to remain seated.

·       An usher from the safety team will direct and assist you as to when and where to exit the building, and will be releasing the congregation one pew at a time.  This will allow for safe distancing as people exit.

·       Bro. Seth will be standing an appropriate distance at the exit door to greet you as you depart.

Once out of the building and in the parking lot, we ask that you maintain the loving distance of six feet or more as you fellowship with others.

·       In accordance with CDC guidelines, we strongly encourage that everyone wears a mask during the service.

·       While we recognize that masks are inconvenient and uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time, wearing a mask is the way we “love our neighbor as ourselves” during this time.

·       We also ask that you please plan to bring and wear your own mask/bandanna, however masks will also be provided at the entrance for anyone who might not have one.

·       Unfortunately, there will be a few temporary changes in our services. 

·       We are so saddened that these ministries will be temporarily on hold, but we must remember that this is all for the utmost safety of the congregation, and will only be a temporary reality. To limit physical interaction:

·       There will be no pew hymnals or bibles.  Announcements, hymns, Scripture, and sermon outlines will be on the screen. (As always, you are most certainly welcome and highly encouraged to bring your own bible.)

·       There will be no offering envelopes, pencils, or connect cards in the pews.

·       There will be no paper bulletins.

·       There will be no “meet and greet” time at the beginning of the service.

·       There will be no passing of offering plates during the service.  You are more than welcome to drop a tithe/offering in a plate located at both the entrance and exit.  A safety team member will be ready to assist you if needed.

·       Childcare: There will be no preacher pals or nursery available during the service.  We know that this is inconvenient for our young families, but out of an abundance of caution and protection these ministries will be temporarily unavailable.

·       There will be no choir.  Our choir will sing again soon whenever social distancing guidelines allow.

·       Restrooms will be available during the service.

·       Until further notice, we will not be having any of these ministries meet in person.  As always, there are great virtual options in the meantime.

·       There will be advanced notice as to when these ministries can resume meeting in person.

·       Lord willing, yes. VBS will be moved from the third week of June to the third week of July 20th-24th.  There will be more information about VBS soon.

·       If you have reservations about you or your loved ones returning to in-person services at this time, we want you to know that this is perfectly understandable.

·       As always, our 11:00am service will continue to be aired live on the radio on 98.9 WSIP.  Our 11:00am service will also continue to be broadcast live on our church’s Facebook page.

·       Also, if you are awaiting test results, or have any cold/flu-like symptoms including but not limited to a fever, cough, sore throat, etc., we respectfully ask that you stay home for worship for the safety of others.

·       As we prepare to re-enter our building for in-person services, we want you and your family to be as informed as possible. 

·       If you have any questions, concerns, or frustrations about the re-entry plan or anything else, we would love to speak with you.  You can contact Bro. Seth: Cell (606-226-0324), Office (606-789-3168), or Email:

·       You are also more than welcome to contact Charles Castle, our safety team leader: Cell (606-305-5986).

·       If you have a physical need (groceries, medications, etc.) please contact the office and we will make sure your need is met.

·       If you have spiritual need (prayer, counseling, etc.) please contact the office or you can contact Bro. Seth directly.

As we enter this process of re-entry, you can stay informed of any announcements, changes, new details through:

·       Announcements from the Pulpit

·       One-Call (Email and Phone Call)

·       Church Facebook Page

·       Church Office: (606-789-3168) (

·       Church Website: 

“Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established.” (Pro. 16:3)